BlackSheep Cycling Man Ride 2017

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BlackSheep Cycling Man Ride 2017

 How Are you? Really?

Last week I said goodbye to a dear friend who’s flame burnt out too soon. Her funeral was standing room only; and I wondered, if she had seen that sight, would things be different today?

It brought home to me the importance of asking “How are you. Really?” and opening the door, listening, for an answer other than the socially acceptable “Fine”.

It is because of this that I am especially proud to be associated with Black Sheep Cycling, who have placed great emphasis on mental health, and our responsibility to each other to provide tangible support to our fellow humans.

Wednesday 27th of September marked the start of the second Man Ride run by Black Sheep Cycling.

8 Riders, 3 Support crew, 2 Documentary makers and a Photographer.

1000km, 12km climbing.

Holy Head in Wales to London, England.

Come what may.

As one who has done some of my share of distance (though scratching the surface compared to many) I know there will be many dark questioning hours on that ride where your vision narrows to a pin point on the road and you hate everyone and everything.

But you then realise that you chose to do this; and when you choose to stop everything will get better.

Some people don’t get that choice. So I feel it’s important for those who get to choose to help those who don’t. For those who can to help those who can’t.

Don’t ever doubt that someone cares about you.


Thank you so much to the amazing services provided by organizations such as Stay Chatty, Headspace and Lifeline, who are always there for those in need.Black Sheep Man Ride 2017Man Ride 2017 Black Sheep group

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