About Domestique Cyclewear

At Domestique Cyclewear we want you to be as comfortable and stylish as you can be, and will work hard to put you where you want to be, whether thats climbing your favourite Col, smashing the local trails, sipping a latte or just getting to and from work.

In road bicycle racing, the domestique is a rider who works solely for the benefit of the team and leader, rather than pursuing personal glory.

We scour the world to source what we feel to be the key brands and products every cyclist should have.  If you find a product you think we should stock, please contact us as we are always looking for ways to make the cycling experience more enjoyable and easier.

We believe cycling is a team sport, which may seem odd at first as only one person can be on the bike at only one time. But it takes a team to make the cycling experience optmimal: bike shops to provide the bikes and maintenance, family to support our addiction, promoters and cycle clubs to organise and facilitate races and events, and domestiques to drag you to the front of the pack.

At Domestique Cyclewear we aim to be right in the middle of this helping you get the most from your cycling addiction, introducing you to events and services, and advocating for the cyclist. 

Pop into our shop to say Hi, or email us at domestique.gear@gmail.com.

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