Black Sheep - LIMITED WOW! - Women's Masterpiece Wind Vest

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Masterpiece Vest

Parodying the parodier. The Men's and Women's Masterpiece Kits & Wind Vests are a nod to artist Roy Lichtenstein, the Godfather of the Pop Art Movement, who created an artwork by the same name. Roy's Masterpiece sold for $165 million some 50 years after it was first created. Chances are, the world will be clamouring for this kit too. But don’t be bitter, baby, if you miss out,


Pop Art was a trans-atlantic art movement and cultural phenomenon that stretched from London to New York City and ripped up the rule book of 20th century art. Combining brilliant, bright colour and pop culture referenced narrative, it’s attention grabbing style was used as an international political language of subversion that rings as true today as it did five decades ago. Our latest LIMITED Release pays homage to this revolutionary era of the 1960 and 70s in all its fun, engaging and colourful-glory.


  • 130 GSM woven front FlexShell(C) fabric
  • Open cell mesh rear panel
  • EasyEntry Zipper (it's a thing)
  • Overlocked Seams
  • Silicone gripper